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Thumb Strains - Thumb Injuries - Repetitive Strain and Sprains !
Thumb injuries and thumb sprains are on the rise with the over use of computers, cell phones and video games, coupled with the fact that people are spending much more time during repetitive injury sports and work. Devices that rely on your thumbs for typing such as texting can cause repetitive motion injuries because our thumbs were not made for that type of use.

Teenagers sending and receiving 80 - 100 text messages in a day may increase their chances of having repetitive stress injuries of the thumb. Compulsive texting can lead to Blackberry Thumb or Trigger Thumb. Strains, sprains, cramping, pain, numbness and locking are just a few of the symptoms of thumb Injuries.

The keyboard of the cell phone is very small. Constant use of your cell texting will overtax your thumbs increasing your risk of thumb injury.

Protect Your Thumbs from Thumb Sprain, Jammed Thumbs and all other types of Injuries to Your Thumbs.

Teen Texting Tendonitis, Gamekeeper's Thumb also know as Skier's Thumb, Blackberry Thumb, Trigger Thumb, Texting Thumb and Golf Finger are all forms repetitive motion disorders. Our thumb splints and braces protect you.

Symptoms & Relief for Trigger Thumb !

Trigger Thumb Release Surgery Can Be Avoided