Finger Splints and Braces

How do Comfort Kits Relieve Finger Locking and Burning?

Soft finger and thumb splints can offer pain relief from finger burning and finger snapping.
Thumb and finger splints will provide respite from locking and associated pain. The splints must be soft, allowing mobility of the fingers. Your fingers will have relief from pain, locking and stiffness.

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Finger and Thumb Splint Comfort Kits

The durable cushion pads in our Comfort Kits are designed to supply the perfect firmness for comfort, preventing your fingers from becoming locked down. Avoid painful cortisone shots and surgery.
We designed the material in our straps with the ability to stretch. It utilizes a Velcro enclosure. The straps are adjustable and flexible, enabling your fingers to snuggle inside the finger and thumb splints without cutting off circulation.

Soft Finger Splints are Better

Unlike hard splints, our soft splints used in our Comfort Kits will fit on any finger, reduce stiffness and prevent locking. You will essentially have full range of motion while wearing the Comfort Kit.
Feel comfortable and protected the moment you place the thumb or finger splint on your finger. Fits in your pocket. Use day & night.

Trigger Finger Comfort Kits are Easy to Use

Just place the adjustable strap with the pad on the palm side of your affected finger.
Adjusting the splint is done by tightening or loosening the velstretch strap. Adjust the strap for a snug fit, but DO NOT CUT OFF YOUR CIRCULATION.
For best results place the finger splint on your affected finger before bedtime and you will awake without finger locking. This will also prevent the burning pain associated with finger locking, while allowing you full range of motion.
Use Finger Comfort Kit as needed. Place your splint on your finger before tying your shoe laces, opening a jar, etc.. This will prevent any locking or pain while performing the task.

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