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Finger Comfort Kits are the Best Treatment for Trigger Finger Locking

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Avoid Surgery & Cortisone Shots
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Treatment Remedies and Exercises for Trigger Finger

Following are some pain remedies and finger exercises for trigger thumb and trigger finger therapy. Using a splint for fingers or thumbs will keep your joints from locking, although you may find major stiffness and loss of mobility when the splints are not soft. Our finger and thumb splints allow range of motion and are superior to other trigger finger therapy products.

Rest the affected finger joint if possible. Change the way you grip certain objects that you use often. Help keep flexibility by stretching, massaging and performing finger and thumb exercises. This type of exercise will reduce joint stiffness and avoid your finger from becoming locked down. Your Doctor may recommend steroids or trigger finger release surgery, but with proper finger exercises and prevention, trigger finger release surgery may never be required. Trigger Finger Comfort Kits are the best treatment and remedy for finger pain and locking.

Use your Comfort Kit all day long. It is compact, light and durable.
From the moment you place a Finger or Thumb Comfort Kit on your finger, you will feel relief. Relief from your finger locking. Relief from your finger burning.

Relief from Trigger Finger Pain!