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Causes and Symptoms of Trigger Finger

Finger joint pain is more common in women and people with diabetes. It is also common for people that work or play with repetitive motions, frequently grip tools, games, texting, etc. will be at greater risk of developing trigger finger.

People are spending much more time texting instead of speaking on the phone. Video Games have matured to the point that people are spending hours and hours playing games that force the same motions over and over. Using Computers are another problem for Trigger Finger and Trigger Thumb due to the fact that they are Repetitive Motions. Now that Tablets have hit the market, symptoms are noticed almost immediately, especially thumb pain and burning.

At first you will notice stiff finger joints especially in the morning. You will feel hand tenderness, burning and you will experience locking. More than one finger may be affected and you can experience finger joint pain in both hands. Without treatment such as soft finger splints, the condition can get progressively worse. Burning and snapping of your finger will increase as time goes by and will require additional effort to straighten your finger.   Trigger finger causes thumb joint pain.

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