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Trigger Thumb Symptoms - Thumb Locks Up In The Morning !
Blackberry Thumb, Trigger Thumb, Texting Thumb and Golf Finger are repetitive motion disorders. Texting, video games, cell phones, typing and driving are just some of the repetitive motions that can spur trigger thumb locking. Arthritis and Diabetes are commonplace for people with repetitive strain injury due to a much slower rate of healing. A Golfers' repetitive motions have been know to cause Golf Finger

Trigger thumb symptoms begins with stiffness in your thumb. Morning symptoms include tenderness, burning and your thumb locking. Pain and burn relief will require additional effort to straighten your thumb. Following are some Effective Trigger Thumb Remedies.

Blackberry Thumb Treatments and therapies such as stretching, steroids (cortisone) and Trigger thumb release surgery can prevent thumb locking, pain and stiffness. While driving, you can stretch your thumb and fingers on the steering wheel. Massaging will also ease the pain and burning associated with trigger thumb. This type of thumb therapy will reduce thumb stiffness and helps prevent your thumb becoming locked down. Avoid repetitive motions that use your thumb and always wear a Trigger Thumb Comfort Kit.

Protect Your Thumbs From Damage, Pain & Locking - Perfect for Texting, Video Games, Golf, Skiing & Driving

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